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10 Ways to Spot a Cheat

Adrian Mudd   September 22, 2014

With being in the business of developing, manufacturing and selling spy and surveillance equipment it goes without saying that here at Spy Equipment UK we have a vast experience in dealing with enquiries about a cheating partner. Any person who gets advice from many different sources on this subject will encounter conflicting views on this very emotive subject. Often those giving the advice look at the issue from the outside, which is totally different to being trapped inside a situation wanting to know what is best to do.

10 Ways To Spot A Cheat

Some will advise that if you suspect that a partner is being unfaithful to you, then you should simply end the relationship. Of course this seems very simple to someone on the outside looking in, but in reality unless a person always deals with their relationships just like they would a business matter, then considering this action is really not an option.

There are those considered as ‘experts’ who would favour confronting the suspected cheating partner in relation to suspicions, but in practice in the real world, all this serves to do is drive the cheater further ‘underground’. Only in a very small percentage of circumstances would this result in a sudden outpouring of honesty.

What Can You Do?

The majority would want to be absolutely certain that are doing the right thing when they end a relationship, especially one that has been long-standing. Most need what the American’s like to call ‘closure’ which means that certain facts are established before they can move on. If there is still a degree of uncertainty, then sometimes, even years after ‘moving on’, some individuals could still find that they are taunted by the guilt that their ending of the relationship may have been a mistake.

So, if none of the above courses of action seem palatable, then serious consideration has to be given to investigating the matter. Up until relatively recently getting the matter looked into would have meant purely employing the services of a professional Private Investigator, however the availability and ease of use of modern spy technology means you can even spy on your spouse without a PI. Technology such as spy cameras and voice recording devices can help you find the truth about your relationship. If you aren’t sure how to use them, in our other article we have explained everything you need to know about catching a cheating partner with surveillance equipment. However, before you jump to that all-important step, it is worth making sure you have a good reason to be suspicious. We’ve explained the top signs to look out for below.

Most Obvious Signs That Something Might Be Going On

1. They keep their phone on silent, take them into the bathroom or to the bottom of the garden to use, sleep with it under their pillow or maybe have a second phone that is always hidden away, possibly in their car.

2. They always delete call logs and text messages from their phone, have started using an alternative messaging app or they have started using a screen lock PIN.

3. They have started to work extended hours on a regular basis, including regular trips away for ‘training’ or ‘conferences’, yet they are not getting paid any extra wages.

4. They have started to take far more pride in their appearance and personal hygiene just for going to work.

5. They have lost interest in a physical relationship with their current partner or in some cases, have suddenly become more sexually demanding or experimental.

couple making out

6. They encourage their partner to start going out with friends and maybe even ensure that they ‘Taxi’ their partner to and from these new nights/days out.

7. They regularly stay up and spend time on the Internet sometimes until the early hours of the morning.

8. After a night out themselves they smell of a cologne different to their own and/or have hairs on their clothing that are not theirs.

9. They have suddenly met new friends, but are particularly vague about the details and those details they have divulged really do not add up.

10. They hide their mail or have suddenly stopped getting credit and debit card bills through the post, having switched to a ‘no paper’ option.

If you have serious your suspicions about a cheating partner or spouse, consider reading our detailed article on the seven signs that your partner is cheating.

Spy Equipment UK – Helping Discover Cheating Partners

This list is not exhaustive, but certainly contains a very comprehensive list of signs that may point to a cheating partner or unfaithful spouses. It maybe that only one of the above apply, or there maybe a combination of a number of these. In any event, a discreet investigation may be the only course of action to give peace of mind. If you would like to talk to us about the issue of cheating spouses and the pieces of spy equipment that can help you find out what’s really happening, please contact us.