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7 Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

Thomas Devile   January 28, 2022

When you’re in love, it’s easy to miss the signs of a cheating partner. When an affair does come to light, it’s common to feel like you missed out on the obvious clues that were there all along. With Valentine’s day fast approaching, the best way to be certain that your loved one is being faithful is to find for yourself with one of our spy equipment listening devices or hidden cameras.

Spy Equipment For Catching A Cheating Partner

For many, the love season is one of frequent worries and unhappy suspicions. To help you with these unpleasant feelings, we think it’s best if you find out if your partner is cheating before valentine’s day. As such, before we delve into the subtle signs that should raise suspicion, it’s important to know what devices at Spy Equipment UK are ideal for catching a cheating partner in the act. As a distributor of spy equipment for more than twenty years, you can be confident that our high-tech spy equipment devices will get you the results you need. We’ll introduce you to just a few of our good value products that are the perfect way to get confirmation that your partner is cheating.

1.) Executive Voice Recorder Spy Pen – £149.00

Spy Pen listening device

The Executive Voice Recorder Spy Pen is sleek, stylish and fully functional. Making it the perfect listening device to place innocently in a pen pot on your partner’s desk or slipped into their briefcase while they’re rushing to get ready for work. Being the same size as a normal pen, it’s unlikely they’ll even notice it’s there. The LED display even switches off during recording, making it easy to conceal this listening device amongst other stationary to be retrieved later.

2.) Tiny Black Box Spy Camera System – £162.00

Black Box Spy Camera

If a voice recording on a listening device isn’t enough proof for you, the Tiny Black Box Spy Camera system is an HD spy camera and DVR combined. It will perfectly capture any activity that goes on in front of the camera. Self-contained and compact, this spy camera can be hidden anywhere in the room you want to surveil in order to keep an eye on your partner’s actions. With a DVR system that accepts up to a 128GB micro SD card, this spy camera can record hours of footage on your cheating partner, with the recordings all date and time stamped for your ease of viewing.

3.) Bluetooth Call Recorder – £166.80

Call Recorder Listening Device

The web of lies cast by a cheating partner can seem impossible to untangle. Fortunately, the Bluetooth Call Recorder is just the listening device that can help you get a handle on these misleading conversations. Simple to connect using Bluetooth pairing, this recorder is a silent listening device that emits no background noise during the phone call whatsoever, allowing you to have a perfect record of all their suspicious excuses to comb through later for any inconsistencies.

With a super sensitive microphone, this piece of spy equipment can also be used as a stand-alone room recorder, giving you the versatility you need to make sure that your partner is cheating. If you think your partner might be using their android phone to chat up their secret someone, then Spy Equipment UK also offers the Android Ultra Spy Phone Software to monitor all manner of phone activity.

These are just a small number of the spy gadgets and hidden cameras that we offer to help you catch out a cheating partner. If you would like to see more, we have created a full list of our best products for catching a cheating spouse.

The 7 Subtle Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

Now we’ve shown you the spy equipment tools we provide to help you confirm any suspicions, it’s time we fill you in on what clues to look for. When it comes to spying on a spouse, it’s not easy to know when the line is crossed and it’s ethical to spy on a cheating partner. To help you decide when that murky line has been tiptoed over, here are our top 7 signs of a cheating partner so you can avoid being blindsided this Valentine’s day.

They’re Showering You In Presents

Is your partner giving you a lot of gifts and flowers all of a sudden? This can be a sign that they’re being unfaithful. Clinical Psychologist Ramani Durvasula believes that this is caused by their guilty conscience. The cheating partner feels bad about what they’re up to behind your back and offers presents as their way of making amends. Take extra note if they’re particularly cheerful when handing you their gifts as they may be relieving themselves of a guilty burden. You never know, they might even be sneaking in a spy camera themselves.

They Don’t Tell You About Nights Out

Lies by omission are the easiest to get away with, because you don’t have to say anything at all. A cheating partner may even reason that it isn’t ‘technically’ lying. While forgetting to mention happy hour drinks with their co-workers might not immediately be a reason to think your partner is cheating, if this becomes a persistent pattern, it might be time to break out the spy equipment listening device.

They’re Taking More Care In Their Appearance

cheating partner wearing lipstick

If there’s a sudden change in your partner’s attitude when it comes to dressing well and exercising, it could be cause for concern. They were perfectly happy looking like a slob in front of you before, why do they care now? Psychology Today thinks that it could be because it might not be you they’re trying to impress. Take extra care if they only put in effort for social events you aren’t attending, it could mean they’re meeting the person they’re cheating with.

Secretive Computer Use

This is perhaps one of the more obvious signs that something is amiss in your relationship. Cheaters often begin using their computers more frequently than usual, and guard their devices jealously. Perhaps they’re using a password on their laptop when they didn’t do so before? Try asking to look something up on their computer and see their reaction. If they tell you absolutely not, it’s a good sign that your partner is cheating.

Spy Equipment UK has just the tool for these situations. Our Global PC Spy Software is supplied on an innocuous USB stick that can be easily plugged into your partner’s computer to have the software installed in seconds. No specialist experience required. The spy software will then allow you to remotely monitor exactly what your partner is getting up to online, exactly as it happens. It will even probe google chrome for their saved login details.

They’re Unreachable For Long Periods Of Time

partner is cheating in secret

If your cheating partner is currently engaged in the act, they’re unlikely to stop to take a phone call from you. Maybe they have reasonable-sounding excuses for these suspicious absences: They were driving through a tunnel, they were in a meeting, their phone was one silent etc. But if it starts adding up, you might want to send your partner on their next weekend business trip with a listening device such as the Enduro Black Box Recorder hidden beneath the seat of their car. If you suspect they aren’t going where they say they are, one of our magnetic tracking devices hidden under their vehicle is the best way to know for sure.

Their Friends Seem Uncomfortable Around You

When your partner is cheating, you’re often the last person to find out. If your partner can’t talk to you, they may often confide in the other people in their life they trust. Their friends. Paying attention to how they act towards you when you all meet up can be a dead giveaway. Suddenly cut out of conversations? People won’t meet your eye? It could be a sign of a cheating partner.

They Accuse You Of Cheating

cheating partner accusation

Prevention considers this to be one of the most common clues that your partner is cheating. A cheating partner may find it difficult to think of anything else, so even innocuous behaviours might look suspicious to them. It’s perfectly possible she’s cheating, they think. I’m doing it after all. Not only that, a sudden accusation puts you on the defensive, making it less likely that you’ll be studying their behaviour. Use one of our listening devices if this ever happens to you, to make sure that it isn’t just a petty attempt at deflection.

Get Peace Of Mind With Spy Equipment UK

If you’ve noticed some of these signs in your partner’s behaviour lately and are worried they might be cheating, there’s no better way to put those fears to rest than with one of our affordable spy gadgets. Whether it’s a concealed listening device or a hidden spy camera, be sure that you’re not the last one to know your partner is cheating, whether it’s on valentine’s day, or you’re looking to catch your cheating partner this Christmas. Contact our discreet and friendly team to find out what’s the best piece of spy equipment for your needs.