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Cheating Happens More at Christmas!

Adrian Mudd   December 1, 2017

Christmas, although a time of joy and merriment, is also a time of cheating partners and sinister happenings. Flowing alcohol means people become more impulsive. We often see it in the movies; we often hear stories of it; we often read about it: cheating happens most at Christmas.

In a recent survey 20% of people who are currently participating in an extramarital affair claimed the dodgy deal was first initiated at a Christmas party. Additionally, 44% of men confessed they have had an affair with somebody they work with at a holiday office Christmas party at least once (Men’s Health). Being aware of this risk is the best way to catch your cheating partner this Christmas.

There are many reasons as to why cheating happens more at Christmas…

Drinkscheating partners this christmas

Christmas implores never ending streams alcohol. Which is ultimately a bad thing. In the moment, it’s fun yes, but after, it’s not so fun. We’re often left with hangovers and regrets; the price of getting an advance on tomorrow’s happiness.

Alcohol makes people more impulsive. It greatly affects our means of judgement, hence why when we awaken from our drunken stupor we can often feel stupendous levels of guilt and regret. When people are inebriated, it can be easy to lose track of what counts as cheating.

It is this impulsiveness that often leads to many taking the plunge and entering the sordid world of adultery. As we drink more at Christmas, more people cheat. The cold, hard truth. There’s also the perfect environment for this ordeal to take place: Christmas parties. Christmas parties are a place where drink flows and partners can’t see.


A lot of singletons, who perhaps live alone, become incredibly lonely at Christmas. Due to this they seek relationships; be it with singles or non-singles, they simply want some company to enjoy the festive period with.

This prowl, entices many attached people. They get flattered by the interest and take things a bit too far. It’s likely for this reason that Valentine’s cheats are common as well.


Christmas is an incredibly loving time. Some rise to this, some don’t. People can often inadvertently neglect their partners, which leads to the neglected seeking attention elsewhere.

This Christmas we firstly suggest treating your partner to such a degree that the thought of them cheating on you is an absolute far cry from their normal thoughts. If this doesn’t pan out exactly how you wished, you can pick up some of our gear to keep a mindful eye on your spouse.

Perfect relationships are everywhere

This dissatisfaction that we just spoke of often arises from overexposure to perfect relationships. These relationships, although not real and tangible, are everywhere during Christmas: in adverts, films, and catalogues. Despite them being fictitious, many compare their own relationships to these quasi-partnerships with intense scrutiny.

Some people don’t like what they find. They think ‘I could be having that. Why do I put up with his nonsense! I’m sick of him passing wind in bed!’. Well, the thing is what they’re seeing usually isn’t attainable; we all need to pass wind sometimes.

They’ve got a lot of time on their hands

A lot to put at risk simply because your bored, but people do commit such atrocities simply because of that one reason: boredom.

Throughout the year, we often find ourselves so busy that we don’t have time to think. When Christmas rolls around, the majority have around two weeks off. In these moments of what should be relaxation, some feel compelled to do something new, something different; this can lead to adultery.

signs of a cheating partner

Catch Cheating Partners This Christmas

The signs your partner is cheating are not always easy to spot, especially during the holiday season when you too are under the influence of the above circumstances. If you do have serious suspicions, there is no better way to make sure for yourself than by catching a cheating partner with surveillance equipment.

Spy Equipment UK

With all these varying reasons for people in relationships to take the disgusting plunge into the world of adultery, perhaps this festive season you shouldn’t take the risk. We have a wide range of equipment which will ease your brain – whether you want phone monitoring or a discreet camera, we can help with our range of best products for catching cheating spouses.

We understand you may have some qualms about buying our gear, however, all this gear does it destroy worries and offer peace of mind. We’re proud to offer that service. If you have any questions give us a call on 024 7601 0588 or use our online contact form.

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