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Cheating partners: The stats and facts

We live in a technology-driven society. Most of us own a smartphone, most of us frequent social media sites, most of us have access to the internet at the touch (or swipe) of a button. We are always connected, always available. While this may sound great, it also means that hooking up with someone or straying from our partners has become easier than ever before.

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With all this increased temptation, comes increased suspicion. More people are checking their partner’s mobile phones and devices for calls, texts, WhatsApp messages, emails, or phoning their partners when they are out through fear they are doing something dodgy.

In addition, equipment such as tracking devices, spy cameras, voice and audio recording tools, and PC and phone monitoring software has made it easier than ever to spy on a potential cheat. Spy equipment websites make it possible for anyone to purchase these devices at affordable prices and with quick delivery.

Below, we take a look at some of the research out there on cheating and provide some insight on why this hurtful act may be becoming more common.

Which sex is more suspicious?

Spying on a partner is more common than you may think. A recent study conducted in the UK found that women were more likely to spy on a partner. Results showed that 58 percent of female participants said that they did not trust their partner, while 43 percent admitted that they had already spied on them. Shockingly, a fifth of the women who were surveyed said that they would follow their partner if they were suspicious.

Out of 1,045 men and women surveyed, 46 percent of men said they would never spy on their partner whereas only 26 percent of women admitted the same. Accessing their social media, checking their emails and going through their pockets were cited as common ways to look for evidence among both genders.

The latest stats from Ashley Madison

You maybe remember the Ashley Madison scandal back in 2015 where the data of millions of cheaters (or potential cheaters) was publically released by a group of rogue hackers calling themselves the ‘Impact Team’. It was one of the biggest personal data leaks to be recorded in history, giving away contact names, addresses, names, and personal information about sexual desires.

Two years later, and the site has released some pretty shocking statistics. Their latest cheating survey in New York uncovers the gritty truth about married women. For instance, the study found that 86 percent of married women looking to have an extramarital affair preferred to do so with a married man. The study indicated that women were more likely to cheat on a Thursday - apparently not 'hump day' (Wednesday) as we thought! Women were also more likely to cheat after they’d had children.

How common is cheating in the UK?

A UK-based survey conducted by Reboot Online asked 1,800 about their infidelity experiences and found that one in five people have had an affair at some point in their lifetime. Data pulled together from The Institute of Family Studies also indicated that people in their fifties are more likely to cheat, with people who had been married for 20-30 years being more open to admitting they’d done the deed.

Reboot also discovered that 58 percent of affairs began in the workplace, many of which do so out of excitement. Because we spend such a large amount of time at work, it is also possible that you are spending more time with your work colleagues than your spouse or partner - making it easier to get to know them in an intimate way.

According to research from Illicit Encounters, the middle-class town of High Wycombe is revealed to be one of the most adulterous places in the UK, with over 21 percent of the population admitting to infidelity - out of 120,256 inhabitants, that’s 2,119 cheats.

Do you suspect a cheating partner?

Cheating can be devastating to any relationship, whether you have been together for two years or 20. If you suspect a partner of cheating, you may want to find out exactly what they are up to. Before you in all guns blazing, you may want to read our article on the ethics of spying on a cheating partner.

If you are positive that gaining the evidence needed to catch a cheating partner requires converting measures, get in touch with Spy Equipment UK today. We can help by providing private investigation services, or by offering advice and information about the latest products and devices to help you gain the evidence independently.

Give us a call today on 024 7601 0588, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill in our online request form here. Alternatively, you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news, information - or to chat to us!


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