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Catch a Cheating Partner: Spy on Your Spouse Without a PI

Adrian Mudd   November 24, 2016

Upset, anxious, nervous, angry – just some of the emotions you may be feeling if you suspect a cheating partner. Does your gut tell you your partner is being unfaithful, but you have no proof? Unless you have solid evidence, the situation could backfire or put tremendous strain on your relationship.

While exact statistics remain elusive, a recent study estimated that 45% of British men admit to being unfaithful, and 21% of women admitted the same. Marital affairs can be devastating to the whole family, and if you feel your partner is hiding something from you, it’s best to get it out in the open as quickly and painlessly as possible. Moreover, you need to make sure that you know the ways to spot a cheat.

Spy on Your Spouse with Modern Technology

Until recently, it was commonplace to hire a private investigator to gather information on cheating partners. However, today’s spy equipment and products are incredibly effective, readily available to the public and easy to use, and results can be gained at a fraction of the cost of using staffed surveillance. For this reason, many suspicious partners are taking the matter into their own hands as a DIY Detective.

If you can no longer take the fear or worry of a cheating partner, you might want to consider purchasing hidden spy gear to catch them in action. At Spy Equipment UK, we understand that this is an incredibly complicated and emotive situation. That is why we are here to help you gain the evidence you need to prove your partner is cheating so that you gain peace of mind and move on from your cheating husband or wife.

Investigating Infidelity

From trackers and recorders to hidden cameras and spy phones, there is a wealth of spy equipment out there and available to customers who are intent on catching a cheating partner with surveillance equipment. Below, we have highlighted some of our favourite spy products that we feel can help you to discreetly catch them in the act.

Track a Cheater

Our Tracking Devices are an incredibly popular device among customers looking to catch out their cheating partners. This superb device can be used as a powerful surveillance tool and is ideal for long-term GPS tracking needs.

The tracker can be fitted securely on the underside of a vehicle with strong magnets and is shrouded in a water-resistant compact case. Long battery life means that you can track your partner’s whereabouts for up to 4 weeks operationally or 18 months on pure standby.

For covert recording inside of a vehicle, listening devices such as the Enduro Black Box recorded can be fitted securely to the metal framework or even the underneath of a car seat. This recording device has voice recording capabilities with extensive battery life and a large storage capacity. The microphone can also pick up on sounds in a 10-meter radius.

Access all areas

Social Media such as Facebook presents a very easy way for a cheating partner to maintain regular contact with their paramour. It’s something we’ve discussed previously in our article Who Is Cheating On Who? As a result, it’s important to keep track of their activity with computer monitoring devices.

Spy Equipment UK’s Windows Master Key is the ultimate in computer monitoring technology. Gain access to any Windows computer without the knowledge of the password, enabling you to browse incriminating files, images or internet history. This is an easy-to-use solution that allows you to monitor the computer activities of a cheating partner and get onto their account without needing to tell them.

Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing a computer data recovery tool – the Data Devil is every suspicious partner’s ideal device. Plug it into your hard drive and recover all deleted data from a number of devices including cameras, USB sticks, SD cards and the hard drive itself.

See More with the Semen Detector

If you are suspicious of a cheating partner, a semen detection kit may help you to provide the evidence required to catch them red-handed. The test provides instant results using colour-changing strips that monitor the enzyme secreted by the male prostate gland.

Semen stains can be positively identified on material even 2 years after secretion, so long as the clothing is not washed. The test is also capable of detecting bed sheet stains from accidental seepage or spillage where a condom is used. Allowing you to confirm long standing suspicions such as cheating partners at Christmas or even a Valentine’s cheat many months ago.

Hidden Spy Devices

Spy Equipment UK holds a wide range of innovative spy cameras that can be easily concealed in a number of household items. For all your indoor monitoring needs, these cameras come with a variety of capabilities, including motion-activated sensors, audio and voice recording options and stylish designs.

Our hidden cameras can be implemented in almost any everyday household device – from clocks, radios and smoke detectors to lamps, tissue boxes and air fresheners. We can help you locate the most appropriate hidden spy camera to catch your cheating partner – contact us today and speak to a member of our expert staff.

If you aren’t sure exactly what type of spy equipment will help you on your mission to confirm infidelity, we have created a helpful list of our best products for catching a cheating spouse.

Spy Equipment UK on Midlands Today!

Back in 2007, SEUK featured on Midlands Today to discuss how spy devices can be used to monitor the activities of cheating partners. You can watch the video for yourself by following the link located just above!