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Which Tracking Device Is Right For You?

Thomas Devile   October 30, 2021

So you’re considering a tracking device to help protect yourself, a loved one or to gather evidence to refer to at a later date. How do you know which tracking device is right for you? There are numerous types of trackers available through expert surveillance companies such as Spy Equipment UK, each of which has been designed and manufactured with specific intents and purposes in mind. In this article, we explore the different types of tracking devices available to you and exactly why certain products are suited to specific scenarios.

Secure The Right Tracker For Your Needs

With so many trackers on today’s over-saturated market, it can be difficult for consumers to know exactly what they are buying, how to use the device and ultimately how to get the best results out of their investment. As a consumer-conscious specialist spy company, we go above and beyond to provide as much detail as possible about our products, which helps our customers find the right products that deliver the intended results.

As both a manufacturer and distributor of covert tracking solutions, we understand the ins and outs of these devices as well as the primary purposes of different types. So, if you are looking to morally track a person, car, valuable item, employee or anything else, but are finding it difficult to find the right solution to you, read on to find out all about the different types of trackers.

GPS Trackers

gps avenger magnetic tracker

Starting with one of the most common types, Magnetic Car Asset Tracker. Whilst the vast majority of tracking devices contain GPS technology, there are certain devices that we classify as certified GPS tracking devices, which is why we list them in this category. All of these devices contain advanced GPS technology and enable the user to track people and items hundreds of miles away.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why someone or an organisation might wish to deploy one of these devices – for theft recovery, to track a loved one or to enhance customer service, to name a few. With this type of tracker, the scenarios in which they can be used are plentiful. Here are some of the most popular and well received GPS trackers on the market today:

Car Trackers

car tracking device

Onto another widely used type of tracker, car trackers. These types of devices can be extremely useful for pinpointing the precise location of someone for evidential purposes and can be used as a means of security if travelling regularly or to strife-ridden areas. During our extensive and ongoing stay in the spy industry, we have seen car trackers used for all manner of reasons. Here are some of the most common:

To keep an eye on a suspected cheating partner
To ensure an employee isn’t using a car for personal gain
To protect a teenager who has just passed their driving test

For more information about why a vehicle tracker might be useful in your situation, check out our recent blog post 10 Reasons To Use A Car Tracker. For those that have decided that a car tracker is the appropriate solution, consider purchasing one of the following:

Asset Trackers

micro tracker

Are you looking to ensure the safety of high value items that you just can’t afford to lose? If so, an asset tracker is what you are looking for. These types of trackers tend to be really compact, transportable and covert at the same time. Don’t wait to become a victim of theft before looking at a solution as you may well lose the value of the item that requires protection, should you not be insured. Asset trackers are fantastic for placing in luggage when on the move, in vehicles and even around the home, such as in a box with your prized possessions. Here are some of the leading asset trackers available:

People & VIP Trackers

asset and people tracker

Whether you are looking to increase security around yourself or protect a loved one from any potential dangers out there, a dedicated people and VIP tracker is the solution you should seek. These diminutive trackers can fit easily in a standard sized pocket, making them the ideal devices to carry on your person. Defender People Tracker, for example, fits in the palm of your hand and can therefore be taken with you anywhere. Such devices are made with short to medium term deployment in mind and they will provide regular 15 second live updates with real time tracking capability. This means that whoever wishes to make sure you are secure, wherever you are, can do so at their leisure.

Child & VIP Safety Trackers

tracking children

These types of trackers are virtually the same as the people and VIP trackers and have identical purposes. If you are concerned that your child is not going where they say they are or you have to leave them in the company of others due to work or other commitments, a child and VIP tracker can help bring peace of mind. Not only will it put your mind at ease but it also may make your child feel more comfortable, knowing that you as a parent are keeping an eye on their whereabouts from afar. If you are a parent and wish to learn more about how a child tracker works, we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Orders The Best Quality Trackers Online

We could stock a whole host of tracker products in our spy shop however we choose to offer a refined selection of some of the very best, in order to keep customer satisfaction high and to provide people with solutions that work. This is how we’ve accrued a 4.73/5 rating on, having received 95 reviews from customers of ours. If you wish to learn more about any of the types of devices mentioned in this blog post or you’d like to enquire about the capabilities of one of our acclaimed trackers, please contact us on 024 7601 0588, at your convenience.