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Who Is Cheating On Who?

Adrian Mudd   July 7, 2009

Official news reports have just revealed a British Spy Fiasco. The new head of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Sir John Sawyers, has been subject of a security breach after his Wife posted personal details about him and the family on the social networking site Facebook. The Facebook profile was hurriedly withdrawn when it was discovered that details of where the live, where they holiday, who their friends and family are were found to be included.

Who Is Cheating

Secret Affairs on Facebook

Facebook membership and that of other social networking sites has grown rapidly over the past two years. Once it was the preserve of young adults, in their later teens and twenties, but now membership has expanded to include adults into their thirties, forties and beyond. Behind the benefits lies a more sinister trend. As with Friends Reunited, Facebook and other networking sites have become the hotbed medium for illicit affairs, but suddenly discovering your partner on one of these sites without your knowledge is just one sign. Here are other common cheating partner signs:

  • Your partner has suddenly started taking pride in their appearance
  • They have started to work more overtime or shift working time has changed
  • Their work suddenly involves training courses that keep them away overnight regularly
  • They spend more solitary time on the Internet in chat rooms
  • They take up a new hobby that takes them outside the home
  • They are very guarded with their phone or you suddenly discover a second phone
  • They have recently started to socialise with “friends” on nights out
  • They have gone off sex
  • They suddenly want more sex or want to try out new things sexually

How Can I Tell If My Partner Is Cheating

These are some of the signs, but the list goes on. Now more than ever it is possible to conduct your own investigation prior to calling in an expert. Spy Equipment UK offer a wide variety of solutions. Monitor their phone, monitor their whereabouts, monitor their computer activity, install a camera or a listening device to capture the evidence. Taking control of your own destiny not only empowers you, but also makes such financial sense.

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