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A Breakdown of The Five Best-Selling Listening Devices

charlie street   March 26, 2019

Listening devices are an excellent way to collect evidence and monitor a variety of situations. Audio spy products can also get the edge over video surveillance as they are a lot more discreet to use and therefore less thought and planning needs to be put into their usage.

Furthermore, their adaptability and versatility make them the ideal solution for both personal and professional use. This article looks to breakdown five of Spy Equipment UK’s best-selling hidden audio recording devices, to help you make a more informed purchase.

1. Enduro Black Box Recorder

Introducing our best-selling product of all-time, the Enduro Black Box Recorder. This is the ideal hidden audio recording device for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s discreet; the device is very nonchalant and the fact it is pocket-sized makes it perfect for those taking audio while on the go. Ideal for long term deployment, especially within a car or other vehicle.

Its voice activation capabilities mean that when there is no sound in the vicinity of the device, it conserves battery life extremely well – so the listening device can remain in standby mode for 166 days. This recorder is also highly versatile as it is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and the sensitivity of the microphone gives it a ten-metre radius.

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Enduro Black Box listening device

2. Flash Drive Recorder Pro

Another hidden recorder, this time in the form of a USB memory stick. The Flash Drive Recorder Pro boasts a greatly improved battery life: it can now record up to 24 hours, has a standby time of 25 days, per charge and has a recording memory capacity of up to 288 hours. The device also possesses the ability to note the time and date of recorded files, making it easier than ever to keep track of the conversations around you.

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flash drive recorder pro

3. GSM Double Plug Adapter

Of course, like many of our products containing hidden recorders, at first glance, this looks like a regular everyday appliance. However, the listening bug GSM Double Plug Adapter contains a robust audio unit and is complete with an optional voice activation feature. This astonishing piece of equipment has an unlimited surveillance distance, allowing users to listen from anywhere. It is loaded with a UK SIM card that will need to be replaced with a relevant SIM depending on the country in which it’s set up.

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GSM Double Plug

4. Spy Pen Digital Recorder

The Spy Pen Digital Recorder is a stylish ballpoint pen that can either be used as a normal stationary product or as an audio recording spy pen, and the subtle design makes it perfect for use anywhere. This multi-purpose product is extremely versatile and discreet: recordings can be started or stopped covertly by simply sliding the pen clip itself. The spy pen runs for 12 hours in recording mode and 8 hours in playback mode before requiring a 2.5-hour charge, and it has a listening radius of up to 8 metres.

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spy pen digital recorder

5. Listen Through Wall Device

The Listen Through Wall Device is a special microphone amplifier that will detect the faintest of noises through walls, partitions and barriers. The listening device includes earphones, as well as bass and treble controls for audio adjustment. This product is highly versatile as it can be used to monitor both conversations in another room, as well as the presence of fluids in pipes and to determine mechanical issues.

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Listen Through Wall Device

Look to Spy Equipment UK for Your Audio Recording Devices

Whatever your requirements, Spy Equipment UK has a range of listening devices to help you to listen to and record audio. If you’re interested in any of our best-selling audio spy products, contact our professional and helpful team today.

You can also view a full list of our current and all-time best-sellers.

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