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Ghost Hunting With Spy Equipment This October

Thomas Devile   October 24, 2022

At Spy Equipment UK, we know all too well how spy equipment such as listening devices and spy cameras can help people escape all manner of horrors, from discovering a cheating partner to the revealing mistreatment of a young or elderly relative. However, spy equipment is not limited to gathering evidence of this world alone.

With the right tools and knowhow, you may be able to capture supernatural terrors as well. In this article, we cover how our spy gadgets can be used for ghost hunting this Halloween, and which products are best suited for this task. Let’s dive in.

Ghost Hunting With Spy Cams

It’s been a long time since we’ve covered how spy equipment can be used for proving ghosts exist. The reason spy cams are so popular for ghost hunting, both amateur and professional alike, is for the same reason that they’re popular for uncovering more natural phenomena. Seeing is believing.

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Top 3 Spy Cams For Catching Ghosts

An investigator is only as good as his tools, and that’s no different for those looking to capture the supernatural. While the high-quality recording capabilities of all of our hidden cameras offer potential for the burgeoning ghost hunter, there are three in our arsenal that are most suited for the task. Here are our top three cameras for ghost hunting:

Swivel Lens Wide Angle Cam / DVR

When it comes to surveilling a particular location you suspect of being haunted, it is difficult to measure up to the Swivel Lens Wide Angle Cam / DVR. Situated in a movable block that can rotate up to 180 degrees and with an impressive 160 degree wide-angle lens, this spy cam is more than capable of capturing anything and everything in your chosen location. An essential feature of any camera that’s to capture footage of ghosts that are all too often only a brief flicker in the periphery.

HD Swivel small from spy cameras range

In addition to its wide-angle lens, this spy cam also features an advanced low light capability and can switch automatically between day and night settings, allowing for long term surveillance, even in low light situations, where ghosts and spectres tend to thrive.

Lastly, the variety of recording modes allow it to be highly versatile in its deployment, ranging from motion activation, scheduled recording, vibration-activated recording, and sound activated recording. A brief sweep of the area may reveal a particular tell that accompanies any supernatural phenomena, and with this spy cam, you’re well positioned to capitalise on it.

Camera Glasses (Professional Grade)

Our Spy Camera Glasses (Professional Grade) are another excellent choice for a sleuth of the supernatural. When you’re looking for ghosts, you can’t always rely that they’ll stick to a certain room. Often, a building-wide investigation is required. That’s why this body-worn spy camera is a perfect addition to your ghost hunting toolbox. The ability to record exactly what you’re seeing can make all the difference to a successful ghost investigation; a feature made all the more important by the fact that spectres are often invisible to the naked eye, and are only discovered later on the recording.

body worn camera glasses

Not only can this spy camera follow you throughout the investigation, but its easy one touch start means you won’t miss a thing that happens. If you’ve got a feeling that something is amiss in a certain room or corridor, then all you need to do is press the silver detail strip on the left arm of the glasses, allowing you to capture any supernatural event.

Day / Night WiFi CCTV Camera

Sometimes it’s you going ghost hunting, and sometimes it’s the ghost that hunts you and sometimes individuals are unfortunate enough to find the woods near their house or even their own property is haunted. For those situations the Day / Night WiFi CCTV Camera is a spy cam you can rely on. This easy to set up camera can monitor the exterior of your home to uncover any otherworldly activity taking place just outside the door. All you need to do is affix the camera to your chosen location, plug it into the mains, and connect it to the WiFi, providing you full remote monitoring capability within a matter of minutes.

Outdoor CCTV Camera

Most importantly, this spy camera is specially designed to function effectively during both the day and the night, meaning you won’t miss out on anything that happens. At night, the infrared LED illuminators kick in automatically to provide you with perfect vision.

In addition, the CCTV camera also features a quality audio recorder, meaning you can not only see, but hear everything that’s going on outside your door. Given these features, this spy cam is the ideal choice for supernatural investigators who live in more rural locations, and would like to shed some light on what they hear going bump late at night in the dark recesses just beyond the driveway.

Ghost Hunting With Recording Devices

While cameras are invaluable for ghost hunting, it is often recording devices that comprise the backbone of a ghost hunter’s toolset. Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) is a term well-known in social circles and online forums of the supernaturally-inclined. It refers to certain sounds often detected on recording devices that were not heard by those in the room, and are often thought to be the voices of the dead, or worse.

EVP ghost hunting listening devices

Top 3 Audio Recorders For Ghost Hunting

As before, while all of our listening devices would be capable of capturing supernatural phenomena, there are a small few that are best fit for purpose. For those looking to gather EVP, these our top three audio recording devices for ghost hunting:

Digital Voice Recorder Pro

The Digital Voice Recorder Pro is an excellent choice for those looking to capture EVP. Its large memory capacity of 8GB means that you can be sure you’ll be able to capture any potential ghost voices in the audio, even if it’s deployed for hours at a time. In addition, the time and date stamping feature allow you to see exactly when any sounds of supernatural interest occurred, allowing for more precise follow-up investigations in the future.


The most important benefit of the Digital Voice Recorder Pro is its highly sensitive microphone. With a range of eight metres, it will easily pick up any noises of note within the vicinity. Not only that, its sophisticated noise filtering capabilities mean that it will remove low band noise and emphasise voice band sounds, allowing you to hear any potential spirit voices clearly.

Listen Through Wall Device

The inconvenient thing about supernatural entities is that they rarely play by our rules. Ghost hunting would be easy if they stuck to rooms and hallways, but all too often they’re reported to pass through physical barriers and objects with ease, leaving investigators stumped if any potential supernatural happenings are occurring in an inaccessible location. The Listen Through Wall Device offers the paramour of the paranormal a chance to counter this.


With the special amplifier attached to its ceramic contact microphone, The Listen Through Wall Device picks up even the slightest vibration from the wall and converts them into audible sound, allowing you to hear everything that’s happening in the space beyond.

GSM Black Box Listening Bug

Given the often decrepit nature of haunted environments, it’s not always practical or even safe to conduct a thorough investigation in-person. It’s for situations like this that the GMB Black Box Listening Bug comes in very useful indeed.


This GSM listening bug allows a location to be surveilled from hundreds or even thousands of miles away, providing live audio recording of the area in an 8 metre radius from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is insert a SIM card into the device and call it on your own phone.

Moreover, this audio bug is perfectly suited to long term operations in locations such as these, offering an 8 day standby time when run on the rechargeable battery, or a permanent installation if connected to mains power. If there’s any EVP occurring in the vicinity, you’ll be able to capture it with this audio recorder.

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Surveillance Operations With Spy Equipment UK

Whether it’s the natural or supernatural, you’ll be able to gather evidence on your target with spy gadgets from our online store. If you’re interested in any of our spy cameras or listening devices, then please get in touch with us on 024 7601 0588 or by email at Our team of spy equipment specialists will be happy to provide discreet and expert advice on whatever operation you have in mind.

Also, if you happen to have an account of something particularly chilling that you caught on your own listening device or spy camera, we’d love to hear it! Be sure to tell us your story.