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2022 Divorce Laws Make Spy Cam Surveillance More Necessary Than Ever

Thomas Devile   April 25, 2022

“Divorce is never easy”. Anyone who has been through this process with an ex-partner will have heard this phrase at least once, typically offered with a smile and a gentle pat on the hand. A well-meaning reassurance that tough as the divorce is, you’re doing the right thing for both of you in the long run. However, this may no longer be true at all.

The April 2022 no-fault divorce laws make separating from your spouse easier than ever, free of the ever present blame game that often turned former lovers into bitter enemies. However, there is a catch to this, and it’s one that might have you reaching for your spy cam in a heartbeat. We explain all in this comprehensive article.

What Is The New Law For Divorce In The UK?

A new no fault divorce law came into force on April 6th 2022. Speaking in general terms, this legislation is the most significant change to divorce law since 1969. Many consider these reforms to be much needed and a long time coming, and it’s easy to see why.

What Does No Fault Divorce Mean?

Born of the 2020 Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act, no fault divorce legislation came into force two weeks ago and completely changed what is required to file for divorce in the UK. We outline these major reforms in the following section, and further down, explain why they could mean spy cam surveillance of a partner you’re suspicious of is more necessary than ever.

Divorce Can Now Be Granted Without Assigning Blame

Divorce without blame use spy cam

Prior to this legislation, married couples who were seeking divorce, triggered by one or both parties, were required to provide a legal reason to do so. Many will have heard the term “grounds for divorce” being thrown around, but in the UK there is only one recognised ground for divorce: The marriage has irretrievably broken down. However, in order to satisfy this, the divorce petitioner who started the proceedings was required to choose one of five legally recognised reasons for marital breakdown.

The 5 Reasons For Marital Breakdown

  • Adultery & Cheating
  • Unreasonable Behaviour
  • Desertion
  • Two Years Separation
  • Five Years Separation

However, no fault divorce removes this requirement, meaning there is now no requirement for one partner to blame the other for the breakdown of their marriage or partnership. I.e. “no fault” divorce.

Updated Terminology

Dictionary with spy cam

As can be easily guessed, the language used in the 1969 divorce legislation was now fairly out of date by modern standards. Alongside the other changes, some of this terminology was modernised to make interpretation much easier for everyday individuals. The person applying for a divorce is now called the applicant, rather than the petitioner. This however, is just a small example and the two major changes to the legalese are:

Decree Nisi → Conditional Order

Decree Nisi was a provisional declaration by the court made once they were satisfied that the person had met the legal requirements of a divorce. By itself it does not mean the applicant is successfully divorced, only that they are legally entitled to a divorce. Since many of us in 2022 are quite lacking in our Latin, the decree nisi has been renamed as the “conditional order”.

Decree Absolute → Final Order

Six weeks after the (now) conditional order has been issued, the applicant can apply for the decree absolute. This is what makes the divorce official. Under the new no fault divorce legislation, the decree absolute was re-termed as the somehow equally ominous “final order”.

Divorce Applications Can Be Made Jointly

Separating Partners Need Spy Cam

Similar to divorce applications previously requiring one partner to assign blame upon the other, prior to April 6th 2022, applications necessitated one person to issue divorce proceedings against the other. The individual who initiated the application was called the petitioner. As we saw above, this has now been renamed the “applicant” as under the new no fault divorce system one or both parties can apply for the divorce. In situations where only one partner makes a divorce application, the other person is called the respondent.

There Is A Minimum Timeframe Of 26 Weeks

Timeframe To Use Spy Cam

In total, 26 weeks is now the minimum amount of time required for a divorce to move from application to final order. There must be a lag of 20 weeks between the divorce application being submitted and the conditional order being applied for. On top of this, as mentioned above there must be another six week gap between the conditional order and the final order.

This timeframe seems to have been included in the no fault divorce reforms as a token offering to those who feared this new legislation would lead couples to choose this new quick and easy divorce over attempting to work through their problems. However, as the final point beneath outlines, this small speed bump is unlikely to make a difference compared to the new ease of divorce proceedings.

It Is No Longer Possible To Contest A Divorce

No Contest Divorce Need Spy Cam

This is a big feature of the no fault divorce law and represents a massive change to the divorce process. As is outlined in the assigning blame section above, under the previous law one person was required to accuse the other of some cause for marital breakdown. The other person would then contest this accusation.

Under no fault divorce legislation, a divorce application can no longer be contested in this way. The only possible contention now available to the respondent is on the basis of jurisdiction. Ultimately this means that if your partner wants a divorce, they’re going to get one no matter what.

Four Spy Cam Products For Catching An Unfaithful Or Cheating Partner

Before we delve into why this new no fault divorce legislation should have investigators urgently unpacking their collection of spy gear, we share a selection of our spy cams that are the best products for catching a cheating spouse and confirming unhappy suspicions in your marriage. We’ve even included a fifth bonus item for those in serious need of discreet spy cam surveillance.

Air Freshener Camera / DVR – HD

Air Freshener Voice Recorder Spy Cam

The Air Freshener Camera / DVR – HD is the perfect spy cam for keeping an eye on who your partner brings into your home or other goings on. How many people have one of these perched innocuously on a bookshelf in the living room or on a side dresser in the bedroom? Too many to count. Almost no one would ever give this little item a second glance.

With a straight recording time of 30 hours and a motion activation system, meaning the battery can last for days of deployment, this spy cam is an ideal tool for seeing what your partner does when they think they’re alone. Recorded footage is autosaved every ten minutes to ensure your data remains safe and uncorrupted; once your surveillance mission is complete simply connect the device to your computer with the USB cable and see what they’ve been up to.

HD Video/Voice Recording Spy Pen

Pen Spy Cam 1

The HD Video/Voice Recording Spy Pen is a stylish spy cam with a different niche. Where the air freshener camera is perfectly concealed in a domestic setting, the recording spy pen is most at home in an office environment. Tucked innocuously into a pen pot or left on a desk, this spy cam can help you discover if your partner is putting pleasure before business in the workplace.

The discreet spy cam is located just above the pen clip, allowing for easy positioning in the room you’ve chosen to surveil. The added bonus of this particular spy cam device is that its voice recording functionality is also first-rate. In the event that you’re unable to find a proper place to capture video of your target, the sensitive microphone will be able to pick up high quality audio within a six metre radius.

The Tiny Black Box Spy Camera System

Black Box Spy Cam

The Tiny Black Box Spy Camera System is fantastic for those who are planning a multi-area surveillance operation. Purchasing a spy cam already concealed within an everyday item is the perfect surveillance solution for some individuals, but the shrewd investigator will know that no one disguise will work in every situation. The tiny black box spy cam allows you to hide it yourself.

With the ability to record in even very low light modes, motion activated recording and four other recording modes, and a max memory of 64GB, this spy cam is practical in many different settings and situations, providing a full surveillance operation all in one spy cam device.

The Mini Car Security Camera

mini car security spy cam

The mini car security camera is a spy cam device that is best suited for mobile surveillance operations. If you’ve already got strong suspicions about where your partner is really going when they say they’re off to meet a friend, this spy cam is perfect for getting hard evidence to confront them with.

Compact enough to fit into the palm of your hand, as well as having a low-power movement sensored second camera that is sensitive enough to work through glass and a super-wide 120 degree camera capture area, this car spy cam makes it virtually impossible to miss catching your partner’s activity.

Spy Glasses Camera / DVR – HD

Spy cam glasses

Sometimes spy cam surveillance isn’t initiating an investigation, it’s a tool to protect yourself. All too many marriages are plagued by abuse of many kinds, and capturing what is often a spontaneous and unpredictable shift in personality is difficult with static spy cams.

The spy glasses camera / DVR- HD offers an elegant and discreet solution to this problem. It provides 1080p quality footage while being ‘hands-free’ to operate, allowing you to capture even the most unexpected outburst at any time, as long as you’re wearing them on your face.

Why The 2022 No Fault Divorce Law Increases The Need For Spy Cam Surveillance

We are sure many of our customers have read through the no fault divorce law reforms while scratching their heads, wondering what possible problems could arise from this easing of the divorce process. If anything, it makes it easier for someone to rid themselves of an abusive or cheating partner since they no longer need to fear being contested. The problem, of course, comes from a lack of closure.

Not needing to supply a reason for divorce should naturally reduce the conflict and emotional challenges of the process, but the problem that can arise is that in many ways this can be a necessary evil. Allowing one party to avoid it could make it even worse for the other partner.

How Spy Cam Surveillance Can Help

Admitting to cheating is difficult. Acknowledging one’s flaws or even the flaws of someone you once loved is deeply challenging. It’s for that reason that many critics of no fault divorce claimed that making divorce too easy would tempt people to separate rather than work through their problems to come out stronger on the other side. However, they missed one key point in their criticism. The lack of knowledge for the other party this may cause.

Divorce Pain Healed With Spy Cam

Learning that your partner is applying for divorce can be devastating, but worse still, would be never knowing why they’ve chosen to leave you. In the past we’ve explained 7 signs that your partner is cheating, but the possible reasons are endless; and a timeframe of 26 weeks is an awfully long time to ask them. The problem that may arise from no fault divorce proceedings is that your partner is no longer required to explain anything. Nothing about their reasoning, why this is happening, or if there’s any hope in the future at all. With this always being an immensely difficult conversation, it’s not a far leap to fear that many will choose to take this option and spare themselves the heartache, even if it means making it that much worse for their former partner.

With spy cams and other spy devices, you don’t have to plead or beg for answers that your partner is no longer obligated to provide. You can find the answers for yourself by playing the DIY detective. Any of the spy cams above or other products in our range of hidden cameras and body worn spy cameras can easily provide you with the answers that you need to get closure and properly move on. Not only that, we also provide a wide variety of other spy devices such as listening devices, phone monitoring devices, and tracking devices; meaning that there will always be at least one spy device to satisfy your surveillance needs and discover who your partner really is deep down.

The Latest Developments In Spying At Spy Equipment UK

At Spy Equipment UK, we’re always keeping an eye out for the next development that may change the world of home spying. In these modern times, there’s no telling what will be coming around the corner next, so it’s always best to be prepared ahead of time.

If you would like to discuss your spy & surveillance needs with one of our expert team members, or have any questions about this article & our products, please contact us on 024 7601 0588 or by email at We would be glad to help use spy equipment to get the information you need.