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  • Spy Cameras – Buyers Guide and Advice

    Adrian Mudd   May 19, 2014

    There are many situations in everyday life that you may have wished had been caught on camera. We are well known for catching the good times on video with shows like ‘You’ve been framed’ and American hit comedy ‘Punk’d but it’s having a hidden camera in the right place and working as it should at the right time could prove its worth.


    What types of spy camera should you buy?

    With so many different types of spy cameras now available, answering the question ‘which spy camera should I buy?’ has become much Spy Camera Gudemore difficult in recent times as there are so many to choose from. Spy cameras can be found everywhere, but which can be trusted for being reliable? Which are the best value and which ones suit your exact needs? These are common questions the ‘spy guys’ are asked at spyequipmentuk everyday. They put this spy camera buyers guide together so you can buy with confidence.

    With over 200 different types of spy cameras now on the market what should you consider before rushing ahead and buying one?

    Factors to consider

    • Subject size / mobile or static
    • Location(s) you want to cover outside / inside
    • Lighting and size of area
    • Memory and battery life
    • Camera placement
    • Wireless, wired or internal recording
    • Quality of recording HD
    • Motion activated

    Spy cameras for the home

    Protecting your home and family from outside threats is now the norm for many people in the UK. Finding the best camera to suit your exact needs is essential and shouldn’t be difficult to operate or make use of.

    Top 3 most popular spy cameras for use at home

    Most versatile https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/3g-compact-camera-dvr

    Easiest to use system https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/digital-wireless-cctv-system

    Most discreet https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/wireless-camera-with-receiver-recorder

    Cameras for the car

    A car camera recording system will enable you to drive anywhere in the car with the confidence that if anything happens it will be caught on tape and can be used for evidence for your insurers or even in court.

    The most popular car spy camera

    Best all round https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/combo-surveillance-system

    *This camera system can be used not only in a car but in a variety of different places.

    Hiding cameras at work

    Are your employees stealing from you? Are you being harassed by work colleagues? Do you suspect an employee is mistreating your staff or customers?

    Top employee spy cameras

    Best camera for catching thieves https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/tiny-black-box-spy-camera-system

    Most discreet camera https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/3g-pir-camera-dvr

    Most popular https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/video-voice-recording-spy-pen

    Catching someone in the act

    Whether you suspect your partner has been cheating on you or maybe you think your ‘trusted’ babysitter isn’t doing what they should be.

    Best spy cameras for catching someone

    Nanny cam https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/table-lamp-camera-dvr

    Cheating partners https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/cheating-partner

    Covert operations

    Many professionals will use spy equipment everyday as part of their jobs. Mystery diners and secret shoppers to name but a few.

    Investigator and Mystery shopper equipment guide https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/investigator-and-mystery-shopper-equipment

    Collecting important evidence

    Whether you want to find out what your dog is doing while you’re away from the home or you are involved in a situation where you need to collect hard evidence and so reliability is essential.

    Here’s our top 3 favourites:

    Most versatile https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/tiny-black-box-spy-camera-system

    Body worn https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/button-camera-ultimate-package

    Most inconspicuous https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/air-freshener-camera-dvr

    For entertainment

    Whether you want to catch your cat doing something hilarious or you want to play an awesome outdoor game. There are a variety of cameras that are available here are our favourites. Top 3 most popular spy cameras for catching entertaining moments.

    Cat or dog cam https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/smoke-detector-camera-dvr-system

    Game cam https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/hd-mms-email-outdoor-game-camera

    All round hidden cam https://www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk/tiny-black-box-spy-camera-system

    If you are still unsure about which camera is best suited for your needs, call an expert who will offer you free advice and find the best solution for you. Call the spy guys 02476 010588 today

    Glossary of spy camera terms

    • DVR is short for “Digital Video Recorder”
    • HD means “High Definition”
    • SD “Secure Digital” (memory card)
    • 3G means that the device can be communicated with wirelessly using a phone or computer
    • CCD stands for “charge coupled device” and provides better picture quality and reliability.
    • TV lines refers to the pictures resolution. The more TV lines you have the better quality of the picture
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