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Spy Gadgets Are The New Nannies

Adrian Mudd   August 20, 2009

Today’s parents are ever more conscious that their children could be put at danger in today’s world but, with the use spy gadgets, monitoring is easy. With Nannies and child care an issue, parents are using spy cameras for peace of mind. When you are younger and do not have any kids, it is difficult to imagine what parents fret about when it comes to keeping an eye on the safety of their children. Now with worldwide news available the worry-factor has increased based on the fact that child-snatches, serious abuse of infants and such-like receives major coverage. It really is not surprising then that parents are increasingly turning to spy gadgets to monitor their children and their safety

spy gadgets new nanniesSpy Gadgets – The New Nannies

Spy Gadgets are generally ready-made solutions for a specific purpose. The phrase ‘Nanny-Cam’ has been used in the USA for many years and it refers to a specific type of spy gadget – namely the covert spy camera. Nanny-cams have been used for many years in the form of wireless spy cameras or hard-wired camera solutions, but technology has now produced simpler and more powerful spy gadgets. Excellent examples of these are bedside Clock/Alarms with built-in 3G Camera and recording capability. Check out our Spy Clock WiFi Camera as an example.

These fantastic spy devices allow discreet video calling enabling parents to see in real-time what is going on in their home and if anything untoward is witnessed, they can activate recording onto SD Card in the Clock Camera. Another device of this type is another clock/alarm with built-in high quality camera and recording facility. This advanced spy device can take up to a 32GB SD Card allowing up to 64 hours of recording on motion activation

Hidden Cameras in Everyday Objects

Other commonly used pieces of spy equipment are wireless cameras. These are usually hidden in a child’s teddy bear or built into the fabric of a room and have remote receiving and recording facility elsewhere in the house. Some receivers can even be connected to the family computer by USB where recording takes place and remote monitoring is possible.

It seems obvious that the market and technology would respond by providing spy equipment solutions, but what is surprising is the sophistication of the latest spy gadgets that seem to have been built for purpose. So, if you need a spy camera system at home, WiFi cameras or the latest spy gadgets, we have the answer. Contact our friendly, attentive and professional staff today to discover more about Spy Equipment UK and our services.