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A Breakdown of 4 Best Selling Spy Cameras

Thomas Devile   October 4, 2019

Video evidence is definitive, which makes surveillance of this kind highly popular for a number of circumstances. Video recorders as spy products are extremely versatile – with a wide range of spy cameras on the market, there are designs to suit all professional and personal needs.

Whether that be outdoor surveillance, body-worn devices or the increasingly popular, inconspicuous designs where the cameras are hidden in everyday objects. In this article, Spy Equipment UK are breaking down their best selling spy cameras to give you insight into the market and the most popular products available.

1. Air Freshener Camera – One Of Our Bestselling Spy Cameras

Air Freshener Spy Camera | How To Use

The Air Freshener Camera is an example of an inconspicuous spy camera and one of the bestsellers at Spy Equipment UK. It fits seamlessly into the home or office for video monitoring and while its tiny pinhole HD camera picks up anything in a given room, it’s virtually indeterminable itself.

The battery-powered device also records audio which makes it highly versatile, and when it detects a dimming of light, this hidden camera will automatically switch to night-mode, providing a clear image in normal or low light conditions. The through-the-lens motion activation system means that you will only record when there’s movement in the room – saving you trawling through potentially hours worth of footage.

2. DAB Radio WiFi Spy Camera

DAB radio email alert

This is a neat, modern, fully-functioning DAB Radio fitted with a sophisticated WiFi spy camera that enables the user to track live video from either a laptop or smartphone device from anywhere in the world. The WiFi camera can also record events for viewing at a later time, all in high-definition footage with crisp audio, so you can maximise its use to suit your surveillance requirements.

This covert device contains a password protection feature for secure user access and has 32GB of internal memory as standard. The setup and use of the DAB Radio WiFi Spy Camera is very simple, and there are no recording lights or noises to give away that it’s filming, making it highly practical for both personal and professional use.

3. Tiny Black Box Spy Camera System

Tiny Black Box Spy Camera System

Not all customers are looking for a camera disguised in an everyday object, which is where our Tiny Black Box Spy Camera System really comes into its own. This product is highly suitable for a variety of covert operations as it is small and it can be deployed very quickly and hidden amongst items in a range of circumstances, making the device highly versatile.

This product works well in low light and can switch automatically between functions when it senses a change in brightness. Additionally, there is an option to switch between video resolutions to help you maximise the storage space and there are a number of recording modes available to suit your requirements.

4. Button Camera Ultimate Package

Button Camera Package | Demonstration from Spy Equipment UK

If you’re looking for a professional grade HD body worn camera, our Button Camera Ultimate Package is for you. Designed to be fitted in the buttonhole of your clothing, this device uses a wide angle lens to provide the best view of the subject or scenario you are faced with.

All footage recorded via this device can be done so in high resolution and the connection to an MP4 recorder can provide audio to your clips. The device has usage time of up to four hours and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, but it can also be powered by the mains if required for long-term use.

Spy Equipment UK – Spy Cameras & Complete Solutions

Whatever your requirements, Spy Equipment UK have the video surveillance hardware for you. Our range of spy products provides practical and versatile solutions to your personal and professional needs. To speak to a member of our team today about any of the above products, or any of our other solutions, please contact us.