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Our Favourite Bond Inspired Spy Gadgets

Adrian Mudd   August 13, 2013

At Spy Equipment UK, we sell a range of surveillance and spy gadgets, some of which are up there with James Bond in terms of gadgets. If you are looking for some bond style devices then you are in the right place. We bring you all the very latest technology and we always ensure we can offer you the most up to date products on the market at reasonable prices. When it comes to spy gadgets there is nothing that we don’t do and you can have some real life fun with some of our products.

What Can Your Computer Tell You Through Spy Gadgets?

Eagle Eye PC Software is a real life bond style surveillance product for monitoring everything someone does on a computer. The software is compatible for a maximum of up to 25 computers and can be a great tool for a multitude of reasons. Whether you want to spy on your children to keep them safe, peek on employees to ensure they are completing their daily tasks or even to keep your eyes on a partner, this is the ideal solution. The software will log every key stroke, website visited; programme used and can even log encrypted passwords!

A Range of Clever Spy Glasses!

If you are looking for a real bond spy gadget then look no further than our spy glasses. These glasses have a built in camera which is so sophisticated and cannot be seen by others. These glasses will record everything that the person wearing them sees and the built in microphone enables you to also capture sound too! You can wear these real life bond style glasses as a mystery shopper, to a meeting, for fun or to spy on anyone!

Check Out Our Spy glasses.

Stationary Gets Interesting With this Voice Recorder Spy Pen

Why not try our Voice Recorder Spy Pen? The pen has a highly sensitive microphone that will pick up and record all sounds and the video recorder is discreet yet effective. This gadget is again ideal for a meeting or to spy on anyone you like.

At Spy Equipment UK, we have one of the largest ranges of bond gadgets and the above are just a few. Why not take a look through all of our spy gadgets. Our bug hunter ultimate is a favourite for investigators to check for bugs. We also have everything from a bluetooth earpiece to spy glasses, pens, tracking devices and much more. Search for your 007 equipment.

Contact us to discuss our complete range of spy gadgets or browse our site and find the appropriate gadget for you.