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New Spy Gadgets For All

Adrian Mudd   May 9, 2008

Here at Spy Equipment UK, we are continually updating our product range. When we first started we offered a range of approximately 60 or so items. Now we have reached nearly 170 in total and the range continues to grow.

What has become apparent is the presence of devices that could be classified as spy gadgets. I suppose that most would classify this type of device as being related to the 007 movies. All of us have fond memories of James Bond’s fantastic watch or some other type of ‘out-of-this-world’ portable unit. Bond’s car is always the focus for add-on spy technology. As such, then it should be no surprise that as the microchip makes its presence felt, we will see evermore gadgets on offer.

Latest Spy Gadgets At SEUK

Latest offerings include spy cameras with a recording system built into car key fobs or USB flash drives. We have been able to offer GSM Listening Bugs that have had the appearance of a mobile phone battery and now have just added a GSM Bug that is cleverly disguised as a Flash Drive. The fact remains that Spy Gadgets are not just devices, but actually are conceived by many as fun objects or even ‘boys toys’. Whatever your perspective, there is certainly something for everybody in our latest product catalogue.