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Ultimate Spy Gadgets 2014

Adrian Mudd   September 3, 2014

There is a budding detective in all of us – what could be more exciting than using high-tech spy gadgets and solving mysteries? But spy gear isn’t just the stuff of Bond movies, many spy gadgets are real and ready for your use, whether just for entertainment or to solve an investigation of your own. In 2014, our privacy is more at risk than any other time in history, so now is the time to protect yourself and emulate the secret agent experience with spy equipment. Here are our favourite, ultimate spy gadgets of 2014.

Spy Pens

suave spy pen

Spy pens are incredibly useful for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re in an important meeting and want to record discussion for further note-taking afterwards, or capture conversation for legal purposes, a spy pen is an great option. Perhaps you want to record an interview to check out later, or gain evidence of verbal abuse. If so, look no further than this multifunctional Executive voice recorder spy pen.

Our HD Video/Executive Voice Recording Spy Pen is technically excellent in numerous ways, and is truly the kind of thing a secret agent would use. With not only a HD voice recording facility, but also a spy camera that produces HD video option with audio, which makes it twice as useful in any situation than other spy pen on the market.

No-one will ever know you are recording the situation, as this spy gadget is sleek at only just over 13mm thick, stylish in black and gold finish, and simply looks like a good quality pen. Made out of the highest quality materials, this spy gadget pen is fully functional.

So how does it work? The tiny hidden camera is situated just above the pen clip, and is virtually impossible to see. Clip the pen to a shirt pocket for the optimum footage angle, or in voice recording, the automatic gain control reduces background noise. You can take HD still photos and video, all date and time stamped – ideal for evidential purposes. The footage can be watched back on your computer after footage has been captured, or even on your TV as the pen records on MJPG bit rate 16.4 Mbps. We even supply specialist earphones that you can use to listen back to recordings directly. With an hour of recording, and the best of results, this spy gadget defies the limits of the possible in any situation.

Spy WatchSpy Watch

Spy watches are the epitome of secret agent style, but they’re also incredibly useful and can assist you on almost any investigation, or even from day to day. When you’re on the move, it can be difficult to keep track of everything around you whilst you go. But not with a spy watch – with this amazing spy gadget you can record video and audio as you go about your day without even noticing.

This gadget is smart and simple to use, and body-worn, which makes it quick and inconspicuous to deploy in pressured situations. The watch will be suspected as nothing but a fashionable accessory, with its modern stainless steel and vapour grey finish and black strap.

However, behind the stylish exterior is one of the most advanced spy gadgets around. With high definition video footage like no other spy watch, and a discreet stills capability, you can record up to 16GB worth of data. This means hours of AVI video and JPEG stills, all computer-ready.

Whether you want to record notes from a lecture or meeting, making memos during the day, or capturing recordings at short notice, this spy watch is ideal. You can’t even see the tiny camera which just looks like a detail of the watch face, and the usb slot is convincingly disguised as a side button. It’s so easy to use, and has a USB cable to connect to your computer and watch the footage back simply.

And now for the thing that sets our HD Spy Watch Camera/Recorder apart – its infrared capacity. With infrared technology not visible to the human eye, you can record in complete darkness with utter discretion. You can even cap the microphone (another side button) for underwater use!

There is literally no situation where this spy watch couldn’t be used. Exude detective-levels of confidence and stay covered in safety, productivity and security all day, every day, with a spy watch camera gadget.

Secret Spy Phonespy phone and magnifying glass

If you’re looking for a new spy gadget or a new phone, our BlackBerry 9800 Spy Phone is perfect for both purposes. A fully functional BlackBerry touch screen and slide keypad phone, this device offers full traditional usage as well as a variety of smart functions for monitoring to keep children and vulnerable individuals such as elderly relatives safe, or tracking employees who you think may be using company phones illegally.

Get back control by getting copies of text messages, listening in to what is going on where the phone is via room recording, and listening-in to phone calls, among other great features. The spy software is pre-installed and activated, so all you have to do is turn it on and send a couple of text messages to set up your number as the recipient of spy data. The application is hidden in the operating system so the user will not know it is there. Then, you will automatically receive copies on incoming and outgoing texts, and will be able to call the phone which will silently and unnoticeably answer the call and open up the phone’s microphone so you can hear what is happening where the user is, ‘live’.

You will also receive SMS alerts when the phone is turned on, or when the SIM card is changed so you always know the mobile number. If you use a Vodafone or Orange contract SIM card on the phone, you can ‘listen-in’ to phone calls remotely. For protecting loved ones, checking up on suspected staff members, or any other security purpose, this multi-tasking phone gives you complete control. We also have a number of other Android spy phones, including the very clever Galaxy S7 Ultra Spy Phone (Refurbished).

So, whether you just want to feel like a spy or have an investigation to look into, these stylish and successful spy gadgets will do the job!