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Environmentally Friendly Spyware

Adrian Mudd   June 18, 2013

Some may view listening devices as something that is purely related to spying by humans on other humans. This article gives a wider insight into alternative uses for these surveillance type products that result in less sinister outcomes.

The invention and ongoing use of listening devices taps into a very important part of the human psyche and is indivisibly linked to our survival. Curiosity is a natural behaviour and is apparent from babyhood through to our eventual demise. Without curiosity we would lack motivation and without the experiences the behaviour brings us there can be no learning. Curiosity brings rewards. They may be negative or positive. Where there is no feedback or reward humans will quickly move on in search of other experiences. Our curiosity is not limited to human to human contact. There are many ways of exploring the world around us and a popular one is to utilise listening devices to access the world around us.

Uses of Waterproof Technology in Listening Devices

Listening devices are extremely useful out in the field where it may be hard to visually track other inhabitants or incidents on our planet. The oceans are particularly difficult for us to access as we are unable to breathe within the environment without specialist equipment and then only for a very limited amount of time. Therefore scientists have been accessing the world of sea creatures for many years by using audio tracking devices either through magnification of sound or through detecting it by sonar. In its simplest form sonar tracking is the measurement of sound speed. Distance and other measurements can be calculated by bouncing sound as in a submarine sending a ping of sound ahead of itself. Sound vibration travels through the water and bounces back when coming into contact with a solid object. The speed at which the sound reflection is detected with indicate the distance of the sub from the solid object. Underwater recording devices have been used to try to learn communication systems of sealife. Whales and dolphins have a sophisticated pattern of talking to each other and their communications are often carried out over long distances.

The Benefit of Underwater Sounds

Whilst listening devices are extremely useful their usefulness can be increased a hundredfold when the chosen device is used in conjunction with a recording device. It is recordings which have enabled scientists to understand speech patterns and linguistics thus adding to the rich panoply of understanding how the human being responds to particular auditory stimulus. It is most interesting that a recording of a whale is used to create a peaceful environment for the purposes of meditation or even during childbirth. Without covert  devices alongside development of the waterproof casings these discoveries would not have been made and our society would be much poorer. Listening devices can help us understand the world around us making the listening device a contributor to helping us become environmentally friendly and work in harmony with the other creatures on the planet we know as Earth.

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