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How Will The Internet Of Things Affect Surveillance?

Adrian Mudd   September 12, 2014

Surveillance seems to becoming more widespread each year, with revelations about spying hitting the news each day and technology becoming more advanced. Of late, many people have been discussing how the Internet of Things – the technological state we are already approaching in which electronics are fully integrated with our physical lives, build into everyday objects – will affect security and privacy.

As pervasive computing grows there is set to be hardly a time when we won’t be in contact with some form of web-enabled device. Does this pose a threat to our individual privacy, or does it offer us more opportunities to control it through surveillance, using the resources available to ourselves in ensuring our personal security?

Counter Surveillance screensConcerned About Pervasive Computing? Get Counter-Surveillance

The Internet of Things may mean that it becomes easier for those wishing to spy on you to plant bugs in a number of the possessions you use each day. Untrustworthy individuals can plant bugs in electronically-enabled devices that you use every day, meaning that not only your online data is compromised, but also information about your physical whereabouts, conversations and action. As an article in The Guardian comments, “If privacy isn’t dead yet, then billions-upon-billions of chips, sensors, and wearables will seal the deal.”

However, privacy doesn’t have to be impossible to achieve with counter surveillance equipment and software. We provide specialist bug detectors that alert you when you are being monitored, revealing the presence of transmitters, telephone transmitters, wireless cameras, hard-wired covert cameras, GSM Listening Bugs, 3G and 4G transmitters, burst bugs, GPS tracking devices, very low frequency bugs, main carrier bugs, infrared and laser bugs – an incredibly comprehensive range of privacy protection.

We also offer phone and email encryption software, protective spy phones that come with anti-spy technology and phone call ‘scramblers’ to stop anyone snooping on your electronic communications. If you’re particularly concerned about your privacy, we offer an expert Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep Service, lead by a veteran ex-policeman and private investigator who can detect any form of spying from anyone from a boss or suspicious spouse to a detective.

Although the Internet of Things and pervasive computing may make it easier for others to spy on you, it also makes it easier for you to detect this with our equipment, and we’ll be remaining at the very forefront of counter surveillance providers to meet all of your privacy needs.

New Spy Camera Possibilities?

As the Internet of Things becomes a part of daily life, it may open up new doors for video surveillance. If individuals expect electronic devices to be embedded in a number of normal objects, from fridges to office water machines, it will become easier to place covert cameras in such places without arousing suspicion. As people expect technology in the physical world to become more tangible, they may at first question the purpose of certain devices, but over time will come to unquestioningly accept the presence of small gadgets in various locations.

CCTV Camera spy equipment

So, what does this mean for those looking to monitor others in their home or workplace? Although spy cameras are undetectable anyway, if those you wish to monitor will be unfazed by the thought that there may be an electronic device in the vicinity it is easier to spy on them. With the creation of more body-worn electronics, hidden cameras could be inserted inside such devices without anyone suspecting anything, so that you can enact surveillance whilst out and about with much ease.

Spy cams may also be used to detect surveillance itself. Individuals or companies with concerns that they are being monitored may use covert cameras to detect the installation of bug devices, or even just to identify breaches of information and general risks. So, although an increase in surveillance may seem a threat to some, it actually creates many opportunities for individuals and businesses to protect their security in very intelligent ways.

Consult The Surveillance Specialists

Whether you’re concerned about the growing levels of monitoring in the world and would like to keep a hold on your privacy with counter surveillance, or are interested in making the most of these developments in using advanced spy gadgets to ensure your own security, you can find all of the devices you need to do so, and any advice you may require, by contacting our surveillance team on 024 7601 0588. Head to our contact us page to find all of our details.