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iPhone Spy Products Come of Age

Adrian Mudd   May 1, 2011

The iPhone remains the favoured choice of mobile phone users in the UK and in fact worldwide. Using iPhone related spy products has been difficult, but finally, some surveillance choices are filtering through. Here we discuss why gathering communication information from these popular devices has been so difficult and what is now available to assist

There is absolutely no doubt that this phone has become the popular choice of people across the world. They particularly became the mobile phone of choice for Facebook and Twitter to be easily accessible when on the move. When the 3G version was launched with a slick operating system and the availability of thousands of applications that made the device not only more fun, but more usable as well. There are the usual SMS message service, voice calling and email capability. On top of this, the latest apps have enabled surveillance and the application of spy products.

Spy products such as the iPhone 7 Charge Cradle Camera and the iPhone Charger Camera – which has now been replaced by the multi-functional Desktop Charger Camera – are available to our customers across the world and in the UK right now – just simply buy online and receive within no time at all.

iPhone spy products

iPhone Surveillance & Spy Products

Because of the product’s popularity, the request for surveillance of this type of mobile phone has been probably the biggest ask of callers to surveillance shops, certainly in the UK. But Spy Equipment UK are getting on top of this, providing a list of iPhone spy products now and even more in the near future. However, Apple has not made it easy to spy on their product. The 3G units, as standard, unlike many mobile phone competitors, would not run more than one application at any given time unless they were “jail-broken”.

The principle way that spy phone software operates is by running an unseen app in the background in order to secretly feed out communication information to either another phone user/controller or to web-based monitoring devices. When the 4G units were released it was believed that the system could finally be cracked, but Apple’s policy on all applications being vetted through iTunes has again not made this easy.

iPhone Software & Spy Gear

Forensic companies have now been able to produce a software to recover data (including some deleted data) from phones, both 3G and 4G. Included in the Computer Data Recovery are calls logs and text messages. Called the iRecovery Stick or sometimes iPhone stick the software pulls both current and some deleted data from the phone’s memory onto an attached PC.

This software will also work on the iPod Touch. So, what is next on the agenda? We all know that GPS features heavily on iPhones and by using this facility it is already possible to track a device very accurately, however, soon a covert tracking solution is to be released, but for now the iRecovery Stick remains the only surveillance solution for the fashionable Apple device – The iRecovery Stick is, of course, available in the UK from Spy Equipment UK.