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Latest Spy Software Goes Down A Storm

Adrian Mudd   November 10, 2010

Spy equipment UK have recently launched a new range of spy software products that have taken the market by storm. Both spy phone software and forensic recovery software have a proved a real hit.

Spy equipment UK has recently launched a new range of spy software products that have taken the market by storm. First out of the blocks was the new Spyphone247 mobile phone software that works great on Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and some S60 Nokia platform phones. Simple to install and use, it has really revolutionised spy phone software because of its accessibility to the average person on the street. In September came the launch of the iRecovery software (also known as iPhone Stick) for iPhones, a forensic software that is designed to recover data from the iPhone 3 and now the iPhone 4. This superb software even pulls back deleted data such as text messages and call logs. No other previous commercially viable product had been able to interrogate the iPhone in this way.

Spy Equipment UK – Leading the Way in Spy Software

Latest in the line up are the Chat Stick and the Porn Detection Stick. Both of these devices feature forensic recovery software for analysing PC’s. The Chat Stick will recover historic chat logs such as Yahoo Messenger and MSN. The Porn Detection Stick will recover images with flesh tones that have been stored on the PC, have been downloaded or those just in the cache memory. Both of these products are superb for checking on misuse of computer by employees, children and even a cheating partner. The Porn Detection Stick caused a storm in the US when it was featured on a national chat show. Sales rocketed and the product was sold out almost overnight. We expect that once awareness creeps in in the UK and EU, then a similar pattern will follow.

Spy Equipment UK has not stopped there though. In January 2011 expect a new release of forensic software designed for recover deleted data and images from Hard Drives, SD Cards and Memory sticks, again something that hasn’t been previously offered before at a commercially acceptable price. Our voice logger computer software is also a Spy Equipment product created using the latest spy software.  Contact us to learn more about our spy software.