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  • Built in Internal Memory
  • Can be Used Outdoors
  • Chosen by Mystery Shoppers
  • High Definition (576p and above)
  • Ideal for Use Inside Home
  • Mains Power - Long Term Deployment
  • Motion Activation Recording
  • Overwrite Recording Option
  • Portable / Bodyworn Camera Solution
  • Scheduled Recording Option
  • Standard Video Resolution
  • Very Low Light Video Recording

Portable Hidden Camera

When most people think of hidden cameras, they envisage pinhole cameras that have been built into the fabric of a room in a static situation.

Powerful mobile camera solutions

However, in addition to that type of hidden camera system, there is a real need for portable spy camera systems that enable more versatility for the user

Private Investigators and Mystery Shoppers always require a portable covert camera system that is ready to deploy if the need arises. A favourite of Private Investigators and Mystery Shoppers has been the bag camera, which over the years has become more discreet and sophisticated. Using a bag camera means that a video recording device such as a camcorder can be connected to the system rather than having to have a separate recording device, which previously was very expensive. Recently, self contained systems have become more viable. Now there are hidden cameras with recording systems built into pens, MP3 players and even non-working mobile phones. Add to this an array of small and compact, but powerful handheld systems and you will see that there is a portable spy camera system for almost every circumstance

So, what is the future of portable hidden cameras? You can guarantee that with technology advancing at an ever increasing pace that in future we will see spy cameras built into such small objects that they will be sure to defy logic. Here at Spy Equipment UK we aim to keep on top of the technology, so you can be assured that if there are any new developments in this field, then the results will appear in this section

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