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Spoil Your Loved Ones With Our Range of ‘Boys Toys’

Adrian Mudd   November 12, 2010

Spy gadgets were once the preserve of government spies and budding ‘James Bonds’ in the world of the private detective, but have they now become something that would make an excellent gift?

There was once a time when spy gadgets were restricted to those involved in the industry such as security services agents and those engaged in a career within the Police or as a Private Investigator, but in recent years they have become more abundant and as such affordable for the private and domestic market.

As public awareness has grown about the existence of the latest tools, then the market appeal has widened because not only are they for spies or would be spies, but actually some gadgets make great gifts for men.

Tips For Finding The Perfect Spy Gadgets as Gifts


There is a massive following of gadgets and quirky techno products and the gift season market share for anything new and exciting in the gadget world has seen a year on year growth even through the recent worldwide recession.

So what range of products in the spy equipment arena make great products for men or boys? It is usually best to focus on something that he could carry around with him as an everyday object, but that also doubles as an incredible toy.

I guess that the most popular toy has to be the recording pen. There are spy camera pens and voice recording pens, but out of the two the most popular has to be the voice recording pen because the size of the pen body is what you would expect of an executive pen, whereas the camera pens are a little fatter and less discreet. Also fitting into the toy category have to be smart men’s wristwatches that contain hidden HD cameras and/or digital voice recording technology.

Our Gadgets Are For Anyone and Everyone

The list of what can be categorised as spy toys gets bigger week on week, so for something different as present the options are becoming increasingly more varied. For the man who is a gadgets freak and who has got all of the latest technology there is now another option to put on the Birthday or Christmas present list. Of course, it is not just the investigative professional that can make use of today’s superb gadgets. The everyday buyer of this type of device could equally be the average man or woman who has a personal relationship situation where they need evidence of infidelity.

Here the latest spy equipment score highly because most modern spy gadgets are made simple to operate and therefore even a technophobe can achieve their aims. In addition to infidelity evidence gathering spy audio recorders are regularly used by company professionals for recording important meetings or even to deploy to gather evidence to combat maybe a complaint or grievance claim.

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